Brigents is at the cutting edge of ensuring Internet technologies between the United Kingdom, Europe and Middle East through contracting out conceptions of brilliant minds to support and expand web solutions, increase marketing, deliver quality products and services.

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Brigents aims to pioneer the web technology model and be the mainstream of web development, with offices in United kingdom and Poland. Our goal is to be on the driving seat and revelutionise the web development contracting model.

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Brigents offers a unique experience of web development, solutions and services. It's our goal to bring you innovative services at competitive prices without compromising quality, we started with aim to pioneer web industry and we will continue moving Brigents in this direction.

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We know how expensive it might be to work on never-ending products. Brigents not only provides you a high quality of service but also internally outsources development work to our branch and reduces all costs without reducing quality. Read more how our business ideas can help in your success.

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Brigents Web Solutions Ltd.
145-157 St John Street
London, EC1V 4PW
England, United Kingdom
Company Number: 8720737
Brigents Web Solutions Ltd.
ul. Niemierzyńska 17a
Technopark Pomerania
71-441 Szczecin,
Western Pomerania, Poland